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Easy is to judge the mistakes of others,


Unreasonable things sometimes come true. For example, we often easily realize somebody else’s weaknesses and can not realize our own mistakes ourselves.

Therefore, you will easily be the person who always judge other people for their mistakes. You think that they completely can realize their mistakes themselves but they refuse to correct them. They do it on purpose.

And you also think that, you’re not making the same mistakes like what they did. So you are able to judge them, even blame them. But if you take a second thought, you will realize that, it is you who are not realizing your own mistake, not them.

It is like when you look at the flaw on the face of the other, but you are not realizing that you also have a flaw just like that on your face.

So, you should look at the others’ mistakes and then look back at yourselves to see whether you are making the same mistake like them or not. That’s how you can realize your personalities and be generous to all people.