Home Life Woman’s ‘super cute’ heart-shaped freckle turns out to be aggressive skin c*ncer

Woman’s ‘super cute’ heart-shaped freckle turns out to be aggressive skin c*ncer

Woman, 28, who discovered ‘cute’ heart-shaped freckle on her cheek was a ‘highly aggressive’ melanoma sends a warning to parents after growing up ‘running around with no sunscreen on’

People would often compliment her for the mark which was on her face ( Image: Kennedy News and Media)

KayIa Mailer, a stage manager and secretary from Portland, Oregon, had a tiny freckle on her left cheek from the age of 12. Over the course of 15 years it transformed into a perfect heart shape.

But the unique beauty mark, which people regularly complimented and thought was a tattoo, turned a darker color and lost its distinctive shape when she turned 27.

But she was rushed for emergency surgery after doctors diagnosed her with an aggressive skin c*ncer ( Image: Kennedy News and Media)

Kayla went to her doctor and was referred to a dermatologist who whipped off the freckle for a biopsy.

Kayla visited her doctor who immediately referred her for a biopsy, and just three days later she was given the devastating news that it was a “highly aggressive” form of melanoma.

The stage manager and secretary, underwent surgery where they “filleted” off her skin layer by layer, leaving her with a pepperoni-sized hole in her face.

Kayla now wants others to use suncream so they don’t go through what she did ( Image: Kennedy News and Media)

After tests revealed there was no more c*ncer present, Kayla underwent plastic surgery on her face to close the gaping wound.

Now c*ncer-free, Kayla now 32, is sharing her ordeal to urge people to always wear sunscreen.

Kayla said that three years on she has skin checks every six months and has subsequently had freckles removed from her back, neck, right arm and two on her face as a precaution.

Now, she is urging people to always wear sunscreen and reapply every two hours..

Source: dailymail.co.uk, mirror.co.uk