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Why You Should Consider Dating a Divorced Man

Sometimes dating happens to be hard for people are have undergone a divorce. On the other hand, dating a divorced man is something that not a good number of women can agree to easily. However, there are a lot of benefits that come out of dating a divorced man. Here are some reasons you should consider dating a divorced man.

1. He is likely to be more family-friendly and compassionate

We tend to crave and value things that we either have a void for or have lost in our lives. For a divorced man, the most valuable thing he has lost in the past is a family, compassion, and togetherness.

It is likely that he would long for these elements and miss those days. Now that you are confused whether to date divorced a man who has got nothing more to lose in life, the answer is right there in front of you … “go ahead”.

2. He knows communication is key

One of the most important things that divorced men learn out of fallen marriage is that communication is the key. For that note, dating such a person is beautiful because he will try all his best making sure that they have been good communication between you two.

3. He’s learned from his mistakes.

As with any relationship that has failed, romantic or otherwise, lessons are always learned. A divorced guy who signed up for the long haul but didn’t quite make it can probably stare his mistakes in the face and realize how not to make them again.

Takeaway? Don’t throw in the towel on a guy just because his past involves a divorce. Relationships start and end everyday, and if we didn’t give people a chance just because they have a breakup under their belt, then we’d totally miss out on the potential for something great.

4. He’s more realistic

A good thing about divorced men is that they are past the world of fantasies. Most of these men know what they are looking for in a woman and that is a good thing. Also, he will always be real with the things that he does in that, if he is not ready to do something, he will let you know.

5. He believes in serious, long-term commitment.

Although it may have not worked the first time around, the fact that he did get married shows that he believes in commitment. That’s a big deal in a society that’s becoming more and more disillusioned with marriage.

6. He is likely to understand your needs better

Most of the time it’s not the materialistic gifts that invoke love and passion in us, but it’s the gift of compassion and care that we all crave for. However, we cannot force a partner to be this sensible all the time, could we? There’s no thrill in it. But you know what could be expected when dating a divorced man? A sensible attitude and responses made to fulfill the need for love and happiness.

The reason is simple; he has been through a roller coaster ride in his past. No book can educate men in understanding women unless it’s the woman herself. Now that he knows how to value a woman’s needs and distinguish them from the term “desire”, he’s going to keep you happy by understanding and responding to your needs which is much beyond a shopping or a movie date.

7. He knows how to appreciate you

One of the biggest gifts of a finalized divorce (besides a new lease on life) is the gift of appreciation. As April Masini, relationship expert at AskApril.com, sees it, a man who’s been through at least one marital flop will come to appreciate his current partner even more since he knows exactly how much he stands to lose. Masini says, “And they know quality now because what they had before, wasn’t. Sometimes you have to wear ill-fitting shoes to appreciate those that are a good fit.”

8. He’s better in bed

“Divorced men can be better lovers,” says Masini. (Yes, please!) And it’s not just about the sheer volume. It’s much more about the effort that may now be involved between the sheets. Masini explains that a divorced man who has a failed marriage behind him may be more interested in making his current relationship work. As an added bonus, she says, “They want to please you and learn how to do so. They’re not taking ⓢⓔⓧ for granted.”

9. He has things figured out.

Aside from the whole divorce thing, he’s likely to have his life together (and if he doesn’t, run). He probably has a good job, since odds are, he’s been there a while. He’s stable and secure.

Your life may be in a constant state of crazy and your mind may usually run in 12 different directions, but his stability is refreshing and helps to keep you balanced amidst the chaos of your world.

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