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Top scary numbers to never call because they are believed to be haunted

While it may sound cliché, there are haunted and creepy numbers that you should never dial. These globally known digits are believed to be carriers of bad omens that may affect you or your loved ones. It is, therefore, safe to say you should never pick up these numbers if they call you or dial them. However, if you are looking for a horror movie type of thrill, you can try these scary phone numbers and see what happens.

Many horror movies tell stories about scary numbers that should be avoided. They are said to cause unexplainable events that harm the recipient or the caller.

1. 999 9999

This is among the numbers not to call in Thailand. Legend has it that if you wish to d!e after midnight, dial 999 9999. The story goes that once you make a wish, you want to meet your maker, a bizarre incident happens, and you are no more.

There is controversy regarding this contact, as reports say it was set up to promote a movie. The eerie number is believed to be haunted 21 years after the film’s debut.

2. 801 820 0263

801 820 0263 is among the most popular American haunted numbers, and you should never pick it up. When you call this creepy digit, a man’s voice counts 1-7. Someone calls out your name and tells you precisely what you are doing and your whereabouts. It’s like a ghost standing next to you.

3. 0888 888 888

Bulgariahas placed this contact as one of the most cursed phone numbers in the world. The first owner died of cancer from radioactive poisoning, and the other two were shot down. These strange events forced Mobitel, the company issuing the digits, to block it permanently.

4. 1-000-000 0000

This strange contact is linked to Asian people and it is believed that 1-000-000 0000 is one of the haunted phone numbers. It is believed to be a call from the d_ead. It is said that if you see this call, your deceased relative is trying to reach you.

People who received the call reported that a male voice instructed them to ask 15 people to call him back, failure to which they would d!e. Receiving this also causes mental t_orment just by talking to the d_ead, so do yourself a favour and avoid it.

5. 701 347 1936

Stories say you will die within a day if you dial these digits. A man is heard saying, “Votre toast, je peux vous le render,” for approximately 32 seconds. These words are from a famous French song called Carmen by G. Bizet.

6. The Red Number

In 2007, The Red Number is from Pakistan, and it caused a stir when people received alarming emails and text messages about the contact. It was said that the contact had a high-frequency range that damaged brain nerves and even caused de_ath. These emails and texts were traced to certain phone and ID numbers with these digits. People were warned not to receive or look at these red digits. The contact was a national discussion forcing the Pakistani government to form a commission of inquiry.

7. 828 756 0109

This contact originates in Marion, North Carolina. When you dial the digits, it is said that you hear a male voice uttering disturbing and blaring noises. The noises are like codes being decoded which people believe are d_eath messages. This is a call you don’t want to try, even though no d_eath has been linked to this contact.

8. 20202020

This UK contact is said to be creepy. It is in a book containing ghost stories from the 1970s in the UK. The story is about how kids dialed 20202020, and a woman on the other side yells, “Help Me! Help Me!! Suzie’s dying”. The voice could also be heard saying, “Help Me! Help Me!! Suzie’s drowning”. People have yet to verify these stories, but the thought of dialling these digits is creepy.

9. 407 734 0254

This contact is associated with a clown who lives in Naples, Florida. It is one of the famous ghost numbers that people avoid calling. Legend has it that when you call 407 734 0254, it connects you to Wrinkles, the clown. Wrinkles will then appear and intimidate you and your friends. Other stories indicate that another ghost receives the call from the same area.

10. 090 4444 4444

Also known as Sadako’s Cursed number, this Japanese contact is the number that you should never call. According to the Japanese, Sadako is a legendary villain in the scariest Japanese legends.

Sadako was a ghost of a psychic who was thrown in a well and used the contact to haunt people. It is said that if you receive the call, someone around you will d!e. The number four is associated with death, making telecommunications skip the four series and jump to five.

11. 408 634 2806

It is also called the Red Room number, associated with kidnappers. If you receive or dial this call, the kidnappers will track and kill you. They will stream a video of your last moments online for others to see.

12. 1 (201) 404 2404

This is one of the scariest American digits to never call. Its story begins when promoters of the horror film Carrier set up this contact to market the movie. Since then, people have associated this contact with creepy occurrences. People who called it heard a shrieking scream, a ghostly song, and an eerie whisper.

13. 666 666 6666 or 1 (666) 666 66666 or 666

These scary numbers are believed to be ghost digits in America and other countries worldwide. Spooky messages and other strange things are associated with the contacts. Remember, even Christian teaching associates the digit 666 with the devil. Strangely, this contact does not appear on bills and cannot be traced after the call.

14. 1 (216) 333 1810

This American contact is one of the creepy phone numbers to never call. When you dial this number, it is believed that you hear a girl pleading with her mother not to k_i_ll her. The girl is believed to be locked in a room, and gunshots can be heard in the background. You can dial the digits to relive a horror story in real life.

15. 646-868-1844

Upon dialing this number, you’ll encounter a distinctive voice welcoming you. It is believed that terminating the call will result in the rapid receipt of a text message containing a scrambled assortment of words.

16. 630-296-7536

One of the weird numbers to call is 630-296-7536. Upon calling, a woman’s voice informs the caller that their information is being tracked. Soon after, the caller is given an appointment and informed they have been scheduled for a ‘remodel,’ leaving one to ponder the sinister implications.

17. 1-858-651-5050

Dialing (858) 651-5050 leads to a recording that sounds like the most enigmatic poem ever created. A sequence of phrases, spoken by both male and female voices, has an oddly perfect quality. While this number was supposedly designed for testing phone sound quality, the eerie perfection of the recited phrases has led some to believe it is haunted.

18. 618-625-8313

This number is rumored to belong to a character from the TV series Stranger Things. During the third season, Murray Bauman’s number was briefly displayed on screen. Legend has it that calling this number results in hearing him passionately discussing his mother and engaging with Joyce Byers.

19. 909-390-0003

Calling 909-390-0003 connects you with a peculiar caller—yourself! Dubbed the “echo line,” this U.S.-based number repeats everything you say. While primarily used for testing phone audio delay, it can be quite eerie to hear your voice echoing on the other end of the line.