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The Past Is Your Lesson

“The past, the present, and the future are all we have. These are the things that we have been experiencing and feeling right now, and are also what we are looking forward to.

The past gives you experiences, and sometimes it offers lessons of great value. When you have experienced the happiness and the suffering yourself, you will understand the feeling of happiness and suffering. Once you go through your own mistakes, you will learn the lessons that will be useful today.

Today is a gift. Every day that you wake up and feel healthy has been a great blessing from life for you. You can see the sun, you see the raindrops falling, you can live in the love of everyone. That means you are happy right now and you can dream of a bright future.

The future is a great source of motivation for you to work hard today. You want a brilliant, beautiful future. That burning desire is a catalyst for you to move forward, and to enjoy life today.”