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No women are not attracted to these features of men

The world is a huge place and life is a long time to live. It’s not possible to travel the world while being alone and hence you always need a partner. Partners are mostly your loved one or sometimes a group of friends. If you’re a woman, you might know what you want in a guy clearly and always look for the same traits without bothering. While men wonder a lot as to what women are attracted to men. Most men do it with fashion and good builds and it works for them. But, there are some other features of men that also attract women.

Below are some of the features of men that women are attracted to

1. Age is just a number

It is wrongly believed that women love young men. In fact, women prefer mature guys who have a great sense of insight. They prefer guys who are ready to take all the responsibilities.

2. Funny Men.

Every study and real-life experiences have taught us that funny men always attract women towards them. Women believe the person who can make them laugh can keep them happy.

3. Men with high statuses.

Women like guys who have a high status. Personality is the first thing which any woman notices in a man but after they come to know you, they will check your bank balance. But there is no need to worry if you don’t have one because you may fall in any one of the above categories.

4. Red is love

Apart from black and white, red is also the major weakness of girls. Women love guys who wear red. They consider them to be very attractive and a man of high status.

5. Pets.

Everyone loves pets, women and men alike. Women even love their pets so much they have more value than their boyfriends. Hence, pets can make women attracted to you in ways you cannot imagine.

6. Heroic Nature.

Girls are very romantic and they imagine themselves in a situation where a man comes and saves her and makes her heart quiver. Women find this quite attracting. So men get ready to do everything that can impress girls.

7. Beards.

Bearded men have a great appeal among women because of the manliness that beards give out.

8. Muscles

Girls fall in love with guys who are gym lovers. They like men who take care of their physique. Girls get easily attracted to men who have good muscles.

9. Love for children.

Men who find kids interesting always get an AWWW when they play with them from women. A person who shows interest in kids is often said to be tenderhearted according to women.

10. Tall Guys.

Though height is not an issue to many people it does matter in reality. Girls like being felt protected and therefore if the guy is taller than her, other boys won’t mess with her.