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Never accept or tolerate when your partner does any of these things

THERE is no perfect relationship, and at some point your partner will exhibit traits that are not desirable. But when these traits force you to lower your standards or make you feel worthless, disrespected and taken for granted, then these should never be tolerated. So, Never accept or tolerate when your partner does any of these things

1. Physical and emotional ᴀʙᴜsᴇ

Violence has no place in a relationship, and if you feel threatened or fear for your life, then you should leave, even if you have to get professional help to achieve this. Where emotional ᴀʙᴜsᴇ is concerned, remember that while you may not see the physical scars, harsh language and vindictive treatment can have significant lasting effects on you.

2. Putting you down

If your partner constantly insults or belittles you, you should never accept that quietly. Also, being overly critical about anything you do is another unacceptable behavior that you should never consider normal from your partner.

3. Lying and cheating

Honesty and trust are very important for a healthy relationship. A cheating and lying partner does not care about the relationship at all, and if it happens once it will happen again.

4. Leaving you alone

If your partner never wants to include you in activities they do and if you often feel left out, it is a sign you should reevaluate your relationship. Being alone too much can lead to sadness and depression and will only have a negative impact on your love.

5. Not respecting you and your family

If your partner disrespects your friends or family members, they are also disrespecting you. You must never allow them to do so.

6. Dominating behavior

Even though it is good to get advice from your partner from time to time, you must never allow them to dominate you. A dominating partner will always make you do things their way, so it is important to find balance when making decisions.

7. Public humiliation

Even though having disagreements and arguments is normal in a relationship, you should never discuss such things in public. Also, humiliating your partner around others is a big NO.

8. Jealousy

This is a very unhealthy trait, and it also includes being jealous of your work or achievements as well as your possessions. This is a sign of a superficial relationship, so talk with your partner about their behavior and if they are not willing to stop behaving that way, it is time to move on.