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If he does these 8 things, he really wants to make you feel like you are in a Real Life fairy tale!

So, imagine you’re standing in the shower, drenched from head to toe, when all of a sudden, a guy appears poof! And when he tries to share his umbrella (and his hat, don’t forget the jacket), you immediately see him as a knight in shining armour? Maybe it’s just the man who sits in the back of your chemistry class and smiles at you every time you pass by?
Let’s face it, we’re suckers for boys like Augustus Waters. So, maybe we skip the true signals when we waste all of our time searching for the balcony-visiting streak of our significant others. Now, we’ve all had bad luck, which might explain why we still fail to see our soul mates for who they really are.

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1. How he pronounces your name.

Ladies, he will absolutely caress your name in his mouth. His tone will audibly change. Maybe, it won’t be obvious to others but it is highly recommended that you pay attention the next time he says your name. It’ll feel like his voice is cradling the sound of your name (mind you, it will resonate in your very soul; don’t say I didn’t warn you!)

2. He’ll start hearing your thoughts.

You’ll begin to accuse him of telepathy, that’s right. People who bond on a deep level are said to finally find their minds (and hearts) in sync. The next thing you do, he’ll be finishing your sentences, occasionally even your emotions, and you’ll be staring at him in disbelief as he smugly stands there, appreciating how well he knows you (don’t deny it, he does).

3. He’ll irritate the living daylights out of you.

Yes, you heard me. Now, who says a happily ever after requires zero fights? He will get possessive and sometimes he’ll act plain insane (but, about you) and you won’t be able to decide whether you should give him a black eye or just plain marry him. P.s I say, marry him.

4. He will put you first.

When it’s love? Girl, a thing called ego does not exist. You will provoke him and sometimes straight-up tell him to fight back but if the situation requires it, he’ll keep his cool. He’ll understand your need to, take it out on him, to him, anything and he’ll refuse to retaliate. Ever heard of a human shield? There you have it, your very own safe haven.

5. He has an uncanny ability to make you chuckle.

Now see, a lot of you may now think, Not every guy has a sense of humor. But, if he loves you? He’ll go to lengths as to conjure up a circus for you on the spot because he literally cannot bear to see you sad. I mean, he’ll always have his ways. Always have faith in that.

6. He’ll be the best woman you’ve ever had.

Look, a kid who can’t let loose to have a good time with you is obviously not Mr. Right (no, you are not looking for Mr. Wrong.) He’ll almost certainly shop for you as if there’s no tomorrow. Also, what about all the boys who despise going shopping? is the case. P.S. Look for the one that has a streak of making ice cream arrangements at 4 a.m., it’ll be worth it.

7. He will never let you fall asleep sad.

Yup, he’ll piss you off, he’ll piss you off some more but he will never ever let you sleep in a puddle of your own tears. He’ll be determined to promise you a lifetime of nights spent smiling at the ceiling like a crazy personВ because he makes you feel atop the world. He’ll put his ego down at the end of the day, even when it’s your fault (don’t push it, apologies instead) because he’s just that crazy about you.

8. He would never tell you that you aren’t strong enough.

It’s so sad to see so many people, whether unintentionally or intentionally, make their female counterparts feel unwanted or uncomfortable. True love would never want to make you envious of anyone else. No I don’t say ever. He’ll be able to scribble on the horizon that he really has eyes for you.

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