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‘Hey, You’re Fired, Old Man,’ Manager Informs Janitor, Not Knowing He’ll Be Her Boss the Next Day

Promotion and New Rules

Nia got promoted to general manager at a major fashion retail outlet. Enthusiastic about her new role, she implemented strict changes, emphasizing punctuality, customer service, and uniform guidelines.

She declared: “Anybody who fails to follow the new rules — whether it is about uniform, customer greetings, display arrangements, punctuality — will lose their incentive for that month”.

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Harsh Management

Nia’s demanding approach made staff frustrated. She extended shifts, limited breaks, and banned sitting during shifts. “We’ll have to show them we are never tired of serving them. And always serve them with a smile. Am I clear?” she instructed. Her extreme measures caused a drastic drop in sales, and she blamed the staff’s “laziness.”

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Confrontation and Firing

During a heated moment, Nia fired a saleswoman named Maya for falling asleep on the job. Then a 68-year-old janitor named Victor spoke up, trying to reason with her, but Nia fired him as well. “I don’t care about the reason! Let this be an example, folks. Hey, you’re fired, old man! Now you can accompany Maya and get lost!”

Unexpected Twist

The next day, the store owner, Mr. Gordon, visited and discovered Victor’s firing. Sh ocked, he revealed Victor was a co-owner who had saved his life years ago.

“Do you know you fired the co-owner of this store?” he asked Nia.

He asked her to apologize to Victor, who would be taking over the unit. With kindness and wisdom, Victor helped Nia understand the value of treating employees with respect.

Following his advice, Nia saw a surge in sales and, eventually, was promoted to CEO. Victor continued working as a janitor, loving his job.