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9 obvious signs he loves you more deeply than his ex

9 obvious signs he loves you more deeply than his ex
1. He makes time for you

Everyone is busy and they can cancel plans all the time. But not with your man. He takes out time to be with you and see you, even if it’s for a short period.

2. He Accepts Your Flaws.

Who cares if you are fat or slow in Math? Your man does not because he loves you for who you are. He does not expect you to be perfect.

3. He makes you feel safe

Men like to make a woman feel safe and protected when they’re in love with her. They don’t necessarily need to knock somebody’s teeth out to make you believe that. He will just be there by your side in difficult times.

4. He respects your opinion

He respects your decision even when you guys have different opinions. He takes into account everything you say, even when he doesn’t agree with you.

5. He Will Not Leave You at Your Weakest.

If a man loves you deeply, he will stay with you even in your darkest moments. He will not leave you just because you are a mess. Instead, he will help you to stand again.

6. He Loves Your Family and Friends.

Since he understands that your family and friends are important to your social support, he loves them too. Therefore, he does his best to get along with them.

7. He wants more intimacy

We are not talking about s3xual intimacy here, we’re talking about the random pokes or never missing a chance to hug you. If he loves you, he will feel a constant need to hold your hand, kiss or simply care for you.

8. He doesn’t judge you for your craziness

Sometimes women do act a bit crazy, some more than others. But your man doesn’t mind the crazy in you and you don’t feel shy to be yourself when you’re with them. They make you feel comfortable in your skin without judging you for anything.

9. He is Patient and Understanding.

It is normal for women to have mood swings. However, if your man remains gentle to you after some tantrums, he definitely understands you. That is why he does his best to be patient with you.