Zoo Violently Declaws 14-Month-Old Lioness So Visitors Can Play With Her

A zoo in Palestine hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons. In a desperate attempt to do business, zoo officials have deciphered a small lioness to encourage visitors to come and see the wild animal and play it. This inhumane act took place in the zoo’s facilities a few weeks ago. The zoo took no precautions.

The Rafah Zoo is located in a known war zone of the Gaza Strip. They suffer from the low number of visitors and felt that these cascades would generate more traffic. Although the incident has drawn more attention to the zoo, all the reactions are outraged and incredulous.
The lioness, known as Falestine, is only 14 months old. She was calmed by zoo agents and placed on an operating table. Fayez al-Haddad, zoo veterinarian, only used scissors to cut the poor lioness’s arms. The vet could not complete the operation in one session. Falestine was brought back to the operating room to undergo a new series of tortures. The organization of the four legs assimilated this technique to cut a human finger to the fingers. The owner of the animal and the veterinarian are not affected by the event.

It is clear that the welfare of animals in Rafa Zoo is not high on the list of priorities. The facility opened almost two decades ago. It is on the border with Egypt in the southern part of the Gaza Strip. In 2004, Rafa Zoo was forced to close due to an Israeli army bulldozer operation. Even before this incident, many animals had died of bombardment. The zoo was reopened two years ago thanks to the efforts of its current owners.

Despite the zoo’s reopening, the living conditions for the animals did not improve at all. Four Paws claims that the Rafa zoo should not be in operation due to their lack of standards. The tales of torture don’t stop with Falestine. Four newborn cubs were neglected in the cold and left to freeze to death outside. Nearly 50 other lion cubs were kept in poor enclosures. In addition to several lions, the Rafah zoo also has wolves, monkeys, emus, exotic birds, and a hyena.