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Your Personality, According To Your Birth Order

Have you ever thought the reason of what type or person you are? There can be many reasons behind your traits like genes, parents , location , company, friends and the list is never ending but one of the main reasons is your birth order. Your birth order says a lot about your personality. It decides what type of person you are going to become in your adulthood and what all traits will you possess.

Here are the certain characteristics based on the birth order. Go through them and know about yours.


They are natural leaders and are often looked up to by others, and as a result, automatically take on a role of leadership. Parents are often the most strict with first-born children, and expect them to “set an example” for younger siblings.

First-born children tend to…

– Be reliable, conscientious and perfectionists who don’t like surprises.
– The oldest child feels the most pressure and have more goals to meet.
– Although, firstborns are typically aggressive, many are also compliant people pleasers
– They are seen as being the least likely to travel or be physically daring.


They are like stuck in the middle and often believe their elder siblings are given all the advantages and that the babies of the family are spoilt and given extra attention. However, being “stuck in the middle” often results in these individuals being skilled at compromising and getting along with others.

Middle born children tend to…

– Value meaningful bonds, and they know how to compromise and adapt easily to any situation
– They can usually read people well since they are used to dealing with both elder and younger ones.
– Develop skills or talents not shared by siblings- for example, if an older sibling is a star athlete, a middle born child may focus on music for their talent.
– Be the most varied of all of the birth positions – for example, he or she may be friendly and outgoing, or shy and quiet
– They tend to not openly share their thoughts or feelings.


These children are often known as the “baby” of the family. They expect others to do things for them, make decisions, and take responsibility

Last-born children tend to…

– Be outgoing & socialize well, they can also be manipulative sometimes.
– Feel inferior to siblings & considered spoiled, demanding, or impatient
– Be the most creative one, but they can also be rebellious
Develop abilities that older siblings don’t have


They probably feel the pressure to achieve. As a result of gaining undivided attention from parents, only children are often considered to be self-centered.

Only children tend to…

– Be responsible, well-organized, perfectionists and imaginative
– Be comfortable with responsibility
– Not take criticism well
– Be comfortable with being the center of attention
– They are seen to be more in nature than other.