If Your Man Has These 10 Habits, You Don’t Need To Be With Him

Most women have a pretty clear idea of ​​what their future husband should be. Although this picture is not perfect, most people have a basic idea of ​​what they want. It can be very disappointing to marry someone who does not meet those expectations.

If you marry a person who is facing the person you really want, life can be difficult for both of you. To be careful, you must consider all your habits before committing to marriage. There are 13 habits that many women believe to be a decisive factor for their partner. What do you think? Read on to find out more about the habits that women hate the most.

1. He will not respect the basic rules of the relationship
Nobody wants to know what to do all the time. But if you ask him to do nothing that could hurt you or bother you, and yet he does, it’s a total lack of respect for you.

All relationships have basic rules. Both partners must follow these rules to maintain a healthy relationship. If he absolutely refuses, you have a problem. He does not appreciate the rules or you.

2. He is a liar

Little white lies excuse themselves in a relationship. However, lying to yourself still has a significant impact on your relationship. Any healthy relationship should be based on trust, and you can never trust if you are with someone who is still lying to you. It will kill the love you have for him.

3. He does not admit that he is wrong
Everyone makes mistakes and says the wrong things from time to time. If he never admits that he is wrong and argues incessantly, it is a bad sign. Not recognizing their mistakes is a great sign of immaturity.

You will be held responsible for everything at the end. He will be right in any case and you will always be the one who is wrong.

4. He often breaks promises
It is normal to forget something from time to time. We all make mistakes. The same goes for a broken promise, as long as it does not happen often. But when your husband starts not keeping his promises or forgetting things, it becomes a source of worry. It makes you look like a fool because you always trust him.

5. He is immature
He will not hesitate to cut someone out of his life because of a small difference of opinion. It does not matter if it’s a friend of his past or his current boss. If it is so easy for him to get away from others, he could just as well do it for you. Remember that impatience is not a good sign, especially when it comes to people who should interest you.

6. He never stops fighting
There are differences of opinion in a relationship and they can also be a healthy part of a good marriage. But eventually they have to finish. You should always be able to deal openly and honestly with your partner, even if you know he does not agree with you.

If he does not always see things the way you want, that’s fine. It is time for him to make no decision and harass you because of your belief that there are problems. He could also try to continue the fight indefinitely. You should never have to deal with past problems that will be solved forever.

7. He is narrow-minded
He refuses to see things differently than in his own way. He might try to stop you from doing ordinary, everyday things because he does not trust you. It’s not an easy way to live.

8. he is violent
Abuse takes many forms, from the mental to the verbal through the physical. There is no reason for a man to abuse you. You will never turn it into something that it is not and you do not deserve to be with someone who would hurt you.

9. You do not have priority
A healthy relationship means giving and receiving from both partners. Everyone should be open and honest with each other and willing to make sacrifices. If he does not give you a priority in his life, he probably does not care about you as much as he does. You will always be the second best.

10. He makes tons of excuses
An immature man apologizes all the time. He can not bear the guilt – it’s always someone else’s fault, no matter what. If something goes wrong, he has an excuse to attack you. You do not need a man so immature in your life.

What do you think about these 10 habits? Do you agree with them? Give us your opinion in the comments and pass it on to your friends and family!


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