Wrath clip: Husband martial arts master, beat his wife and newborn baby fell to the floor

Vietnam: The clip recorded the scene where the wife carrying the red baby on her hand was beaten by the husband, and kicked him in a row that made everyone indignant and pity.

Recently, on the personal Facebook page, journalist Ngo Ba Luc shared a clip of domestic violence that shocked many people. Accordingly, the husband who was supposed to be a martial arts master continuously kicked his wife when she was carrying a red baby in her arms.

Watch clip Master martial arts husband beat his wife and children HERE!

‘Awful! His wife also carried her baby red, in front of her 4-5 year old son, yet the husband flapped, slapped, punched his wife like an enemy, the last blow hit his wife to fall on the floor but instinctively the mother still hugged Child protection, it’s painful.

Regardless of whether something is wrong with the wife, violence against women is unacceptable, especially when the wife is married to her dreamy and pink 19-year-old marriage. And most of all, his wife, who is raising her red, is in front of her eldest child who witnesses the violence of her father with her mother, it will haunt and influence the formation of the child’s personality. .

The wife is a journalist working at Voice of Vietnam, this story happened between the civilized capital of Hanoi and not a place that painted with the backward cup. My brother-in-law is a martial artist. But the martial arts master has hit the opponent is a woman who has just given birth, has two hands and does not have anything and actions to protect herself, the martial arts teacher is really worthy of being a ‘person’. hero ‘!’ – Journalist Ngo Ba Luc shared.