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Woman’s Heart Stopped Beating Seconds After She Complained Of Headache To Her Colleagues

NHS worker Nicky is in a medically induced coma after collapsing onto the floor while working. This woman’s heart stopped beating seconds after she complained to her colleagues that she had a headache.

Nicky Bryan collapsed after eating her lunch whilst on shift (Source: Nicky Bryan)

Nicky Bryan, who lives in Birkenhead, works as a clinical support worker on Ward 18 in Arrowe Park Hospital. The woman had just finished eating her lunch on Wednesday, November 10 when she complained to her colleagues that she had a sudden headache.

Then, she collapsed onto the floor just seconds later and her heart stopped beating.
After the mum-of-two resuscitated by work friends, she was sent for a CT scan revealing she had a brain bleed caused by an a.n.e.u.r.y.s.m.

The same day the mom was transferred from the Wirral hospital to Walton Neurological Centre. She was put into a medically induced c.o.m.a and her family we were told it was “touch and go” if she would survive.

Sophie Elwell, her ward manager, said Nicky is still in an induced coma after she was treated and is currently stable.

She said: “She had just finished her lunch and left the room with a couple of other staff, having a giggle as she usually does.

“She complained of a headache and moments later she collapsed onto the floor. Her heart did stop beating and she was resuscitated.

“She had come into work her usual happy and mischievous self and it just happened completely out of the blue.

“She’s such a hard worker and she’s an important and much loved part of our work family. The ward staff were devastated by what happened.”
The mum-of-two is described as ‘the most vibrant and colourful lady’ by her work friends.
Sophie said: “She joined us 18 months ago and she is just brilliant. Nicky is the most vibrant and colourful lady, she smiles with a twinkle in her eye.

“She’s always up to mischief, but in the best way. She’s a huge part of our team and is extremely loved and cared for by her family.

“She loves Christmas and to know she might be in hospital at this time of year and with the pandemic still going on is heartbreaking.”

Nicky (Right) with Julie and Steven who all work on Ward 18 (Source: Sophie Elwell)

With the permission of Nicky’s husband, siblings and two children Sophie and the ward 18 team have set up a GoFundMe page for Nicky.
The amount of money that was raised will go towards Nicky’s family to assist in her recovery after her brain injury.

So far the page has had 99 donations raising a total of £1,710.

“I didn’t realise how generous people would be, especially with it being Christmas time and people already donating to Ruby who lost her leg in the crash at Bidston Aldi. It’s overwhelming.
“I know the family are so grateful.”, Sophie said.

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