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Woman Washes Her Husband’s Pillow Gut, And Then Immediately Discovers His Dark Secret

This story was posted on Sina, showing a woman surnamed Lin who discovered her husband’s secret when she washed his pillow gut.
Reportedly, the couple recently got married and now lives in China. On a beautiful weekend morning, Lin decided to clean her house and then wash all the bed sheets and pillows.
Unexpectedly, when removing her husband’s cover of the pillow, Lin immediately discovered something strange.

Source: Sina

Lin bought this pillow a long time ago and now her husband still uses it. According to the manufacturer’s advertisement, this pillow’s gut is made from young rubber.
However, recently, Lin has always felt that her husband paid too much attention to his pillow.
Until that day, when she took off the pillowcase, she immediately discovered that there were many holes that looked like air holes inside the pillow core.
However, the suspicious thing is that there are a few holes that look abnormally large. And after looking closely, Lin almost shocked. It turned out that it was the place her husband’s “secret money” was hidden.

Source: Sina

It seems that because he did not want to be discovered by his wife, the clever husband used his own pillow to hide his own money. Perhaps this guy quite believes in the strategy of “the most dangerous place is also the safest place”. But it seems that his plan to hide money has been ruined due to his own wife’s cleanliness!

Source: Soha.vn