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Woman walks around street with giant sign that reads ‘looking for a husband’

If modern dating for a model is tough, imagine what it must be like for a regular person!

A young woman in New York City was frustrated with online dating and made a decision to take matters into her own hands. What she did turned a lot of heads…

Keep reading to read her genius idea.

Karolina Geits, a 29-year-old model, decided to take matters into her own hands for her love life.

The young model grabbed some cardboard and wrote down her wish: Looking for a husband‘ and added her social media handle so potential suitors could get in touch with her.

The New York City resident posted her antics on social media in hopes of perhaps inspiring others.

She posted a video of herself strutting down the streets of Manhattan as she held up her homemade sign, hoping an eligible bachelor would take her up on her offer.

Being 5’9 already makes her stand out in a crowd, along with the sign held over her head, she was impossible to miss.

According to the model, she wanted to see whether doing something like this would work.

After spending two years being disappointed by non-commital men on dating apps, she makde a decision to take matters into her own hands and turn to the streets of New York City to meet her soulmate.

The sign of course garnered a lot of interest from men who wanted to know more about Geits. (Watch the video below)

According to her revealation, a particular young man caught her eye and approached her to know more about her.

The two exchanged numbers and now have been talking for a while. Geits shared she is attracted to his kindness and sense of humor in particular.

This is something the model intended to do: make connections but something that seems almost fantastical itself!

As we witness Geits love story unfold, it is a good reminder that sometimes doing something dramatic can get us the effect we want!


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