Home Babies Woman suffered єndurєd 10 years of IVF to become a mum

Woman suffered єndurєd 10 years of IVF to become a mum

Woman suffered єndurєd 10 years of IVF to become a mum

This is the story of Andraya Chuter and her husband, Paul.

They met when she was a hostess on a boat in 100. Within six months they were engaged and since they both wanted children, they started trying right away.

But nothing happened.

At first, they felt that nature would take its course because I was only 26, but after 12 months of trying, nothing happened. Andraya said she cried every time she had her period.

Their GP had said he would refer them to IVF if they were still unsuccessful after two years.

But they didn’t want to be stuck on an NHS waiting list, so in late 2003 they went to a private clinic for intrauterine insemination (IUI), where doctors put Paul’s prepared sperm directly into Andraya’s womb.

Andraya và Paul were devastated when two attempts failed in 2003, but they refused to give up and decided to try IVF at another private clinic.

When in late 2005 She found out she was pregnant, they were thrilled.

Unfortunately, it was short-lived as eight weeks later she miscarried.

By then they had run up debts of at least £15,000, but they would have paid anything to have a baby. In addition, as a surprising act of kindness, friends and family also helped out – giving them a total of £25,000.

So in early 2011, they took almost a year off treatment to focus on their wedding.

At the end of the year, they had another failed IVF cycle.

However, after another cycle in April 2012, blood tests revealed that she was pregnant. They didn’t dare get excited and it wasn’t until they reached the 12 week mark that we started to relax.

Then, on 28 January 2013, after spending £50,000 on a total of 12 courses of fertility treatments, their precious daughter Lauren was born, weighing 8lb 1oz.

The sense of joy in the room was indescribable.

They are still paying off around £8,000 in debt, but wouldn’t have it any other way.

They would love to give Lauren a sibling, but at the moment we can’t afford it – plus we are aware that time is not on our side.

There’s always hope, but for now we’ll stick with our happy little family.”