Woman jumps out of van and lets it roll into a river after spotting spider

A woman jumps into a van and rolls her in a river after discovering a spider

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Woman jumps out of van and lets it roll into a river after spotting spider

Some people are afraid of heights, others simply can not handle the idea of ​​swimming.

But one thing that many people are afraid of is spiders. A woman was recently in trouble after an eight-legged creature crawled on her lap as she drove.

This unnamed woman from Georgia, USA, reportedly attempted to support her Kia-Van on a boat launch so she could put her kayak in the river.

The sudden appearance of the spider, the woman decided to leave the van like you.

Instead of stopping to park the vehicle, she jumped out of the vehicle while he was still moving, reports Atlanta Journal Constitution.

As a result, she watched the van roll into the Etowah River, a 64-mile waterway.

The Georgia State Patrol sent a policeman to the western part of Bartow County to help the woman, but when they arrived, the van had already escaped and disappeared completely.

A spokesman for the Georgia State Patrol said: “She said she floated a few meters downstream and was completely submerged in seconds, and a passerby in a boat tried to locate the van, but in vain.”

It is thought that the woman’s insurance will cover the cost of divers looking for the van in the river to see if they can be salvaged or not.

The identity of the woman and the nature of the spider that caused the incident are not yet known.\