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Woman Gives Birth With Her Ex-boyfriend As A Midwife, Making Her Baby’S Dad Rage

Giving birth can be considered a pretty daunting experience, so having a familiar face present can help you through the ordeal. For this woman, this person is her ex.

However, she wasn’t exactly expecting her ex-boyfriend to walk through the hospital room door mid-push while her baby’s father looked on in utter shock.

Tarsha, 28, from Brisbane Australia, and her ex Tim dated briefly in 2013, two years before the bizarre encounter.

The woman knew he worked at the Brisbane hospital where she was about to give birth, but she wasn’t expecting that he would be the one bringing her baby into the world.

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As Tarsha started to push, the working midwife unexpectedly announced she’s changing shifts and that someone else would step in instead.

Tarsha told she still shocked at the chain of events six years later.
“As I’m getting ready to push, she comes back in and says, ‘I just want to let you know, *Tim is taking over, and he wants to know if it’s OK?’”
“As I’m getting ready to push, the midwife walked in… it was my ex.”

At the time,Tim was one of two male midwives at the hospital and previously Tarsha joked about “how funny” it would be if he ended up delivering her baby.

“When they told me it was him, I couldn’t believe it, but I was thinking to myself, ‘Oh that’s fine, it’s not the first time he’s been down there. Then he just walks in, his arms crossed over and says, ‘Hey Tarsha’, and I went ‘Hey!’”

Source: Kidspot

The familiarity made this mother feel more comfortable, but her baby’s father, and also her partner at the time, wasn’t so pleased.

In fact, he raged “are you f**king kidding?” Tarsha revealed, remembering it very clearly.

With a baby just one push away, there was little time for much else. Tarsha finally welcomed her baby daughter nmed Mackenzie safely into the world – all thanks to Tim.
The mum-of-two said, “Tim held his hand on my stomach and told me when to push, and he ended up being the one to pull her out, do her checks and wrap her up for the first time,”

Adding that her p.l.a.c.e.n.t.a was “all over the floor and on my ex”.

Even after the birth, Tim continued to care for Tarsha, making sure the happy parents, and the newborn bub, were keeping well.

The new mum said having her ex there “made it a lot more comfortable” and the pair even shared a post-birth text exchange – with she still has record of today.

“You did well,” the ex told her in the days that followed as she thanked him for delivering her baby.

Six years on, both still occasionally check in on one another with the mum-of two admitting he will always be a special part of her life.

Source: Kidspot

She said “I’m actually really glad that he was the one who was the midwife on the day… I still love telling everyone about Tim being there, I think it’s hilarious and I love having a funny birth story!”

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