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Woman drives more than 30 Km Just To Bring Food To Her Husband’s Ex-wife

The woman drove more than 30km to bring food to her husband’s ex-wife.

When parents are divorced, it is the children who suffer the most. However, in China, there is a woman who agreed to drive 30km to bring her husband’s ex-wife porride to celebrate Laba Festival. The close sisterly love of these two women surprised the online community.

There is a woman in Jiangsu, China, who maintains a good relationship with her husband’s ex-wife. (Picture / Retrieved from Weibo)

It is known that Laba is a traditional Chinese holiday celebrated on the 8th day of December (of the lunar calendar). On this day, Chinese people often eat Laba porridge made from rice, grains and dried fruits.

At 7 a.m. on January 10, 2022 (on December 8, 2021 of the lunar calendar) in Xuzhou city (Jiangsu), an unnamed woman drove more than 30km to bring breakfast for Qin – her husband’s ex-wife and her daughter (the daughter of Qin and her second husband).

It is known that Mrs. Qin and her previous husband (the current husband of unnamed woman) have a son together. After officially divorcing 5 years ago, the two decided to become friends. The son chose to live with his father and stepmother.

Although this son is not her biological child, the unnamed stepmother took care of her husband’s son like her own. The family of three is happy together without any problems.

What special is that the relationship between this “stepmother” and Qin is extremely good. The two often visit the other’s home and even their relationship makes other people mistakenly think they are “blood sisters”.

Qin’s daughter saw the “stepmother” open the door, then happily ran over to help carry the food in her hand and cheerfully said: “Little mother, why are you here?”

“My ex-husband’s wife is a very good person. Although we were divorced, the relationship between the two sides is still very good. This is very beneficial for the psychological development of our children. I myself was touched to see his new wife treat me so well. This is also considered a kind of fate.”, Qin said.

Source: Weibo

After the clip of “the new wife visiting the ex-wife” was posted on social networks, Internet users were excited and left a lot of compliments.

“This is the miracle of mankind. It’s rare for new people and old people to be able to treat each other so well.”

“This husband is definitely a very nice and ‘reasonable’ person. This is also the premise for the close sisterly relationship of the two women.”

“Hopefully the relationship of adults can be like this. Children’s psychophysiology is not negatively affected by parents’ divorce or family separation.”

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