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Woman delivers 3 black children – the truth behind them moves the world to tears

Woman delivers 3 black children – the truth behind them moves the world to tears

Aaron and Rachel Halbert tell the incredible story of how – and why – they chose to adopt five black children, three as embryos.

They deserve a lot of love and respect for some of the brave decisions they made while racism and prejudice continue to pollute our world.

The Halberts first adopted two children – and then chose to go further – after learning about embryo adoption.

The couple had long dreamed of becoming parents, but Rachel was having trouble conceiving.

They eventually went to an adoption agency in Mississippi, and told the workers there that they only wanted to adopt ‘non-Caucasian’ children.

And they agreed not to adopt white children, as they knew that white children were more likely to be chosen by prospective parents. They adopted two children, one boy and one girl, and found their lives changed in miraculous ways.

But the decision would face some backlash – simply because the children were dark-skinned.

“We know, especially in the South, that white couples with non-white children will attract a myriad of different reactions. There will always be that older white woman at Walmart who looks at us with disgust, or the African-American mom who looks at us and just shakes her head,” Aaron says.

But Aaron and Rachel are very happy, and proud of their little family.

The Halberts had no intention of having another child, but then they heard about the National Embryo Donation Center, a Christian embryo bank that ‘stores’ excess frozen embryos created during a couple’s IVF treatment.

Usually these embryos – which consist of only a few cells – are destroyed or given to science after their biological donors have successfully implanted one.

But Christian centers receive ‘donations’ which can then be ‘adopted’ by couples having difficulty conceiving.

The couple did they know that one of the embryos would split again, leaving them with triplets instead of the twins they were expecting.

And on Sunday, Rachel gave birth to three little bundles of joy. The birth went smoothly and before long, Aaron and Rachel were not only parents to two children, but also to five beautiful, dark-skinned little ones.

Below you can learn more about the Halberts’ very special journey:

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