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Woman asks her adult daughter to pay half of monthly rent and utilities – her daughter has a fitting response


There are a lot of times when people come to the internet for advice or rather just confirmation on whether what they did was the right thing. For this mother, she asked a favor from her daughter, but it seemed like it was not well appreciated.

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Reddit user “throwaway_dating224” had an important question that she wanted to ask the community. She wanted reassurance that she was not in the wrong in a situation she was dealing with in her life.

According to this user, her daughter had moved back home with her in 2019 when she was attending college. It is unclear whether she had moved out for college and subsequently moved back in, or whether she had always lived with her mother. Now, her daughter had graduated from college and gotten a job, but she was still not making enough money to move out on her own.


But since she did have a job nonetheless, her mother had a simple request for her: to split the bills. “I have asked her to split the cost of rent and utilities in half with me … and [she] doesn’t consider it fair,” she wrote.

In addition, she revealed that the daughter has no desire to live with her but is only doing so to save money so that she can have enough for a down payment on a home or for further education.

She also mentioned that the rent of their home was low for the area, but the cost of living was high.

Additionally, the daughter was “embarrassed at the state of the house” and refused to invite people over. The mother shared that this was only because she was so tired after work that she rarely had time to clean up after herself.


The mother’s question was simple: was it okay for her to ask her daughter to split the rent 50/50?

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