Home Life Without trust, there is no reason to continue.

Without trust, there is no reason to continue.

“Without communication, there is no relationship.
Without respect, there is no love.
Without trust, there is no reason to continue.”

We used to talk a lot, until one day, both of us are silent. That silence kills relationships that are close day by day.

Indeed, the boundary between acquaintances and strangers is communication and interaction.

Love is a more special relationship, because it requires more than mere communication, but respect.

Talking with respect leads to understanding and be more close naturally. However, don’t be quickly believe that your love is forever.

Respecting and talking to each other, but that doesn’t mean we really trust. Love begins from communication and respect, then belief can keep this relationship.

If day after day, you no longer trust in the other person, or you make him or her lose faith, it’s time to over. Remember, unilateral feeling can not create a relationship.

Whether it is friendship or love, you must have three things: communication, respect and trust.


“Respect and love are mutually dependent. If you fail to give one, you lose the other” – Dan Skognes

“Without respect, love is lose.
Without caring, love is boring.
Without honesty, love is unhappy.
Without trust, love is unstable.” – Unknow.

“Respect is one of the greatest expressions of love.
” – Unknow.

“The more respect you have for yourself the happier you will be and the more you will realize that you always deserve the best.” – Unknow