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Wife Asks Her Husband What He Would Do If She Died, And His Response Is One For The Books

He should have known better!

A wife asks her husband: If she were to die, would he remarry?

Her husband says, “Yes, I would remarry, I like living a married life and spending time with someone else.”

The wife gets uncomfortable and asks him, “Well, would you let her live in our house?”

And the husband says, “Yes, I’d let her live here, there’s nothing wrong with this house.”

That worries the wife more, so then she asks, “Well, would you let her sleep in our bed?”

The husband says, “Yes, I like my bed and I don’t want to get rid of it, I’d let her sleep in it.”

This only makes the wife more worried, so she feels compelled to say, “Well, at least promise me you will never let her use my golf clubs.”

The husband says, “Don’t worry, she will never use your clubs, she’s left-handed.”

He walked right into that one!

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