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Why You Should Stop Checking Your Phone First Thing In The Morning

Have you ever wondered what happens to your body when you check your phone within minutes of waking up? Here’s why you should avoid looking at your smartphone first thing in the morning, according to Newscrab.com:

1. More light on the eyes

After getting up in the morning, after using the mobile phone, the light falls completely on the eyes. It affects the eyes and your eyes are not able to work effectively throughout the day.

2. Heaviness in the head

Using a mobile phone in the morning makes our whole day even more stressful. The head feels heavy and the pain persists throughout the day. If you experience these symptoms, avoid using mobile phones in the morning.

3. Stress-Anxiety

Unwanted or annoying talk on mobile first thing in the morning increases the level of stress and anxiety throughout the day. Increasing BP in the morning also increases the pressure, which can be dangerous for the health of the people.

4. Negative Effects

If you see an unpleasant incident from the past or a photo on the mobile phone for the first time after waking up in the morning, this has a negative effect on the person. Experts share that the result is that the past hijacks the present and lives under the influence of the past instead of living the new day in a new way.

5. Concentration decreases

A survey revealed that the habit of looking at the mobile phone first after waking up leads to a decrease in concentration. It affects everything from driving to work and even studies.

What you can do about it

– Turn off mobile data or put your phone on a flight mode before you go to sleep to avoid being immediately confronted with new messages and notifications when you wake up.

– Avoid setting alarm on your smartphone, instead customise your ‘wake-up call’ using a classic alarm clock. This way, you’re less likely to check your phone first thing in the morning.

– Begin your day with some healthier habits such as – meditating, drinking a glass of warm water, exercising, prioritising your tasks, etc.

The bottom line is that we can’t completely avoid smartphone use, but we can reduce our phone usage and lower the risks associated with excessive mobile phone use. Try implementing the above tips and make sure that you kickstart your day on a healthy note.