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Why Sometimes A Woman Walks Out Of The Relationship Despite Being In Love With Her Partner

Dear men, here are some reasons that might force her to walk out of the relationship despite being in love with you

1. Being taken for granted

That’s what no woman would ever like in a relationship. Being taken for granted makes her feel that she holds no importance in her man’s life and even her strongest feelings would start to dwindle once this realisation sinks in. No matter how much she’s in love with her significant other, the thought of walking out will surely cross her mind.

2. Not spending quality time together

This is among the most common reasons why women leave their partners in spite of having intense feelings for them. Lack of communication between the partners makes a relationship start dying slowly. Women all need a shoulder to lean on after a hectic day, and someone to simply ask, “How was your day?”. Is it too much to ask for?

3. S3x is no longer out of love

For woman, s3x is actually ‘L0ve making’ for them and a way to feel being loved by their partner. Once she starts to sense that there is no emotion left whenever they hit the bed and he’s simply having it to destress himself, it surely starts denting her feelings.

4. He turns selfish and secretive

Despite having a sea of emotions for her man, a woman will break free from the relationship if her partner is mean with her, and starts keeping secrets from her. A healthy relationship is all about being honest with your partner and loving them unconditionally. No matter how small it might be, when a partner keeps things to himself, any one is bound to get hurt. Keep in mind, to be partners in crime you need to know what crimes your partner is committing!

5. Being compared to other women

This can do irreparable damage to the relationship. First of all, nobody likes being compared to anyone, not even men. And comparing her with others can even damage her self-esteem and make her take the extreme step.

6. Appreciation at the right time

If a woman isn’t appreciated for all the efforts she puts in to make the relationship worthwhile, it is bound to eventually bog her down, and it would not be a surprise if she toys with the idea of breaking free from the relationship.