Home Moral Stories Why are thoughtful women usually at a disadvantage compared to other women?

Why are thoughtful women usually at a disadvantage compared to other women?

Women, living in this world, don’t be too understanding and sensible, no one on this earth can stop you from being yourself. Don’t worry too much about others and not think for yourself. As women live in this world, the most unnecessary thing is too thoughtful.

Ladies, the more you are understanding, the more no one will pity you, because they know that even if they ignore you, you will not be angry, much less cause unreasonable trouble.

The more resilient you are, the more no one will love you, because they know that no matter how difficult it is, you can endure it.

Time makes you learn to be tolerant with many people and things, and more and more people get used to your respect!

So don’t be too kind, being too kind will only make the people around you not really respect you anymore.

Don’t be too generous, and always think about others, because they will never think about your feelings.

For your difficulties, there is not even a word of console.

Over time, they will take everything for granted.

Even if one day you can’t stand it anymore, you cry, you’re tired, no one will care about you or sympathize with you. Because in their eyes, everything you do is of your own free will.

Don’t give it all to others, keep a little pride and love for yourself.

Don’t interact with people who talk too much, otherwise you will be very tired, because you always have to be careful and cautious. Just one minute of being caught off guard will result in hundreds of criticisms.

A bad person will forget all the good things about you! Spend less time with people who don’t appreciate you back, because they’re not worth it. Don’t spoil people who are heartless, and don’t be too kind to people who don’t understand what gratitude is.

Always remember: keep your promises to those who are sincere, keep your care for those who value your feelings.

Keep honesty for those who know how to thank, keep sincerity for those who know how to appreciate.

The social rule is this: the more you understand, the less other people will regard you.