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Why a chєating married man won’t leave his wife for side-chicks

Chєating among married men has become so commonplace. That’s a fact. But what is also visible is that despite this continuous rise in infidєlity among married men, they somehow always remain married. These are reasons why they never leave the wife for the side chick.

1. He loves his wife

Now the idea that someone would love his wife and chєat on her may sound seriously conflicted but it does seem to happen. People who claim to love their wives have been known to have side chicks despite a staunch, unshakable decision to never let go of the wife no matter how good the mistress gets.

Many times for this kind of man, the side chick is just all fun and games and he must have already compartmentalized his mind to keep it that way forever. He’d rather replace the side chick than leave his wife for her.

2. A thing of image

Men recognize the high standing they have in the society as married people and they usually do not want to lose out on that. Many of these chєating men are respected members of society’s institutions like church, mosques, companies, etc.
So to leave their wife for no reason, just to be with the side chick, mistress or sugar girl will be the very last thing on their minds.

3. His kids

Also, married men don’t leave their wives for side chicks because they want their children to grow in a ‘functional’ and ‘complete’ family.

4. Why disturb a formula that works?

If you have been giving him sєx without commitment all along, allowing him the benefit of your luscious body before he returns to his family at night, why would he suddenly want to change that?

No one changes a working formula. A chєating man would always want to continue enjoying the best of both worlds. Why disrupt that?

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