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When You’re Up In Life, Your Friends Get To Know Who You Are

When you are successful in life, your friends will know who you are. You are no longer an ordinary or anonymous person. They will appreciate and praise you as much as they could.

Or at least, they will know about your ability to succeed. They come to you and care about your life, even your family or the people around you. You shine, and they want to see your halo, or they want to enjoy it.

But among them, not everyone is your true friend. Those who come to you when you are at the top of a mountain should never be appreciated.

If you want to know who they really are, watch them when you fail or when you get troubles. Those who aren’t friends will leave you very quickly. Because they didn’t come to you because they liked you before.

And those who stayed with you, helped and shared with you, they even encouraged you, are real and precious friends. They love you, care about you. They are not coming to you just because of your fame or because of their benefits, and they will not leave you eventhough you’re not successful.