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When your man texts less often than he used to, here’s what it means

When your man texts less often than he used to, here’s what it means

Texting can make or break a potential relationship. I’m sure you know that by now. This is why I have placed an emphasis on writing about it so much. Far too many people who are amazing in person text themselves out of good situations. Be that as it may, texting is a two-way street and you’re not responsible for everything that goes right or wrong. So, in this article, I want to talk about what it means when he starts texting less.

1. He wants some space

If a guy is texting less, it is because he wants some space and time. At times like this, you have to be hopeful but also be prepared for the worst. Needing space is not a sign that he wants to break up, but it is an indication that some things must change for the relationship to get back to where it was before.

The pertinent question to ask yourself here is, why would a guy want some space? Is it you or him? It could be that he is having a lot of stress at work, or you may be the one putting him under a lot of pressure. Most often, when the things causing him stress are resolved, he will get back to texting you as often as he used to.

2. There is an issue in the relationship

Your man is pulling away because of an unresolved relationship issue.

All is not lost if he texts you, even if it is not as much as he used to. It means he wants things to work out. However, this does not call for celebration because the reduced frequency also means he may have lost some of the love he had.

Perhaps he discovered that the relationship was moving too fast and wanted to cool things down. He only wants to ensure he is ready before he can commit. It could also be that you did something wrong, and he is unhappy about it. To return to the way things were before, you must acknowledge your mistake and apologize.

3. He has found someone

The advancement in technology does not help when it comes to people being faithful. There are many dating apps which enable guys to text several women at the same time. If he finds someone he thinks is worth dating, he will definitely cut communication with you. This could be the reason he is not texting you as much as he used to.

4. Your texts could be overwhelming him

Guys put up with a lot without revealing what they are going through. Sometimes you will see that he is always online but not talking to you. You can’t order a firing squad on him before finding out why he seems to be avoiding you. Since you know well that he is not busy because he is online, what else could make him text less? The answer is usually simple than you think. You have clearly overwhelmed him with your texting habit. Perhaps you are the kind of person who doesn’t stop texting once you start, and he feels that he should do a few things before chatting with you. It could also be that you engage him on topics he is not comfortable discussing.