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When you have to suffer from these things, be aware, he is only uѕιng you

Not all relationships are constructive, and it is always better to realize that you are not his priority and he is just uѕιng you. You may want to make him happy, but it is never enough.

Some indicators could help you if he is into you or just uѕιng you. Read on to explore a few signs that he is uѕιng you and what to do in such situations.

1. He doesn’t care about how you feel

He seems distant and cold. If he doesn’t get you, then he isn’t the one, and you can be sure about that. An innate understanding is necessary to build an intimate and meaningful relationship. It is the little details that count, and it is important to know about your partner to make things work in the long term, after the initial interest has faded.

2. He makes things uncomfortable

Relationships are not supposed to make you feel uncomfortable or insecure. They shouldn’t be chaotic or go from one extreme to the other.

Balance is key in relationships. If your relationship doesn’t have balance or you feel like you’re putting in more effort or investing more in the relationship than he is, it’s time to reevaluate.

See the relationship for what it really is — and not what you want it to be.

3. He doesn’t show you much affection

Affection provides people with a sense of security and trust.

If your partner is uѕιng you, there won’t be much affection, even while having $ex or engaging in $exual acts. It can almost be as if your partner has detached emotionally from his body and is only physically present. His mind is elsewhere.

You’ll be able to tell this by lack of hand holding and eye contact.

4. He doesn’t care about your dreams and goals

While career, family, and ambitions are all crucial, if all he cares about are his dreams and personal growth, without taking your dreams and goals into consideration, he is using you. You will struggle to grow with him, and your relationship may feel toxic or stagnated in such circumstances.

5. He won’t really let you know him, and he doesn’t try to know you

When you are together, you barely talk about each other. Your partner probably doesn’t know your favorite color or food, and you probably don’t know the same about your partner.

When someone is uѕιng you, there is minimal to no emotional investment on the user’s part, so they don’t find it necessary to divulge information about themselves.

Think about how much you really know about your partner, and if there have ever been times he’s has dodged questions about important aspects of himself.