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When there is someone looking down on you: Don’t communicate, don’t get angry and just do these 2 things

What should we do when faced with someone who does not respect us?

Directly bypass, avoid entanglement

In this life, there are times when we will get entangled with annoying people, causing us to waste our energy without bringing any meaning to our life. So when someone doesn’t respect you, it’s wise to pretend they don’t exist

This doesn’t mean we should swallow our anger, but we should calmly weigh the pros and cons and come up with the most effective response.

In this case, we can choose to leave the scene or stay silent and not let the other person’s behavior affect our own lives.

Directly ignore others, this is not weakness but a way to protect yourself. If you keep worrying about other people’s attitudes and behaviors, you will lose yourself.

Behavior that “needs an explanation” also makes the other person care less about you, gets you into trouble and directly reduces your value and quality of life.

Focus on our own life and self-improvement

After ignoring people who don’t understand what respect is. The next step is to focus on your own life and constantly improve yourself.

The other does not respect you and rejects you completely deep down. If they feel you are worthless and pose no threat, they will look down on you unconscionably. And so we instinctively feel pain, even anger.

But if there is a direct conflict with the other party, it proves your recklessness and thoughtlessness. The best way to overturn your opponent’s judgment is to focus on your long-term development. You should focus on self-development to increase your self-worth.

As you become more confident and stronger, those who do not respect you may regret their initial actions of “disrespecting” you.

Respect is not only given by others but also earned by oneself. Smart people will understand not to argue with stupid people, not to put joy or sadness on anyone.