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When Something Bad Happens To You

It is inevitable that the difficulties and obstacles that come to you in this life. All these things happen for a reason, and each has its own meaning.
In those times, you always have 3 options for how to deal with that difficulty. Either let it destroy you, or it will define who you are, or let it makes you stronger.
That challenge will destroy you if you surrender to the fate. You give up, and your life will be filled with frustration and misery.
That difficulty will define you when you follow it. You accept it, or you struggle to overcome it. Difficulty will help you realize what kind of person you are.
That difficulty will make you stronger than ever, if you don’t give up. You are determined to overcome it, and definitely conquer the fate.
Then, the difficulties are over and you are more resilient and brave than ever. Difficulty is a test of your will and quality.