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When a man is madly, deeply in love with you, he doesn’t hesitate doing these 8 things for you

When a man is madly, deeply in love with you, he doesn’t hesitate doing these 8 things for you

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Some men are not known for their capability of expressing their emotions. It can be hard to make into words just exactly what the mind and heart are feeling. For those men, they prefer to let their actions speak louder than their words.

Men are brought up with societal expectations that they must be pillars of support for their friends, family and loved ones. Showing emotion isn’t considered “manly” by their peers.​ This can leave the women in a man’s life wondering, “Does he love me?”

But when men finally decide to bring down the walls and let a person in, they make sure that special someone knows how much they’re loved. Here are 8 things men do when they are madly, deeply in love with you

1. He’ll protect you and stay by your side every step of the way

True, genuine love is selfless. It is being capable and willing to sacrifice for love. So, when a man falls in love with you, he’ll love you madly. He’ll do whatever it takes to protect you and keep you safe. Because when a man genuinely loves you, he’ll make sure to stay by your side every step of the way.

2. He’ll respect you for who you are

When he loves you, he’ll love every part of your soul. He’ll respect your uniqueness and wild heart. He also will embrace everything of you such as your flaws, your wounds, and your baggage. He’ll respect for everything of yours.

3. He’ll be your biggest support

When a man loves a woman, he’ll be her biggest cheerleader. He’ll support every dream and goal she has. He’ll be there to inspire and motivate her to grow even higher. He won’t be intimidated by her success, but he’ll be thrilled as if it was his own!

4. He’ll listen to every word you have to say

Most importantly, he’ll be patient to hear everything that lies inside your heart. Whether you’re feeling blue, or you can’t wait to tell him about your new job interview, he’ll look into your eyes and carefully listen to everything you have to share.

5. He’ll always remember the little stuff that makes you smile

Whatever it is that makes you happy, he’ll will enjoy doing. He’ll pick up your favorite flowers from his mom’s home garden, he’ll take you to the movies for the premiere of your favorite film, he’ll wear that t-shirt you love, he’ll bring you breakfast in bed, he’ll kiss your forehead and pull you close to him when you least expect it.

6. He’ll go out of his way to make you happy

Love requires sacrifices. It takes a lot of effort and energy in order to keep growing and glowing.

So, when a man truly loves a woman, he’ll go the extra mile to make her happy. He’ll do whatever it takes to make the relationship work. He’ll fight every obstacle along the way and show how much you mean to him.

7. He’ll expose his vulnerable side to you

When a man loves you truly, he’ll love you from the very depths of his heart. He’ll not be afraid to be weak and vulnerable in front you and he’ll trust you enough to undress his soul naked in front of you and lay down his heart.

8. He’ll genuinely care about the people in your life

Last but definitely not least, a man who really cares about you, will also care about every other person in your life. Your loved ones will become very important to him. The ones who mean the world to you will become his family.