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What should I do if my girlfriend is confused between me and her ex?

What should I do if my girlfriend is confused between me and her ex?


I’ve got first hand experience in this my friend so sit back, take a seat and learn from my past so you don’t make the same mistakes I made. I ignored so many red flags in my last relationship but I first will applaud your girlfriend for being up front and honest with you.

So this girl’s confused between you and her ex. I’ve had this conversation with my last ex more than a few times. This is going to be extremely hard to hear. I did not do this and I wish I would have, because in the end I got burned so bad. Are you ready?

You need to let her go. I would sit her down and say I appreciate you letting me know your feelings. I wish I knew what was making you so confused, and if there’s anything I can do to change that but I want to be with someone who only wants to be with me and there should be no confusion about that. I want you to take some time, and figure out why your confused about your ex, go back and explore that relationship, do whatever you need to do and if that doesn’t work out give me a call and we will see what’s going on. Best of luck, I wish you the best.

Then you disappear. You go no contact, and only respond to her if she texts you first. You stay cool, calm, collected and do your best to hide the painful emotions you will feel because of this rejection.

There are two possible outcomes, outcome one is she gets back with her ex. Congrats you just dodged a bullet. On to the next one. Outcome two is she might talk to her ex, see what’s going on with that and realize that nothings changed and the grass is not greener. At this point she will come back to you and now the balls in your court.

If she decides to continue to date you without taking the proper time to get over her ex, then she will continue to remain emotionally confused, and trust me when I say that her emotional issues will start to affect your relationship with her… guess what now you’re both super confused. Nobody likes being confused in a relationship, so my advice to you would be to give her the space she needs to heal from her ex.

Take it from someone who stuck around and was always waiting for the other shoe to drop, from someone who was cheated on multiple times because the person they fell in love with was not over their ex. It’s just not worth the massive amounts of anxiety. Let this girl cleanse herself and remove all confusion from her life before you even think about getting serious with her. You never want to get into a relationship with someone who in their head is still in a relationship with someone else. They’ll never be able to give you 100% and nobody deserves that.

Best of luck on your journey. The more invested you get, the harder it is to walk away. My advice would be to find someone else who’s over their ex and date them instead. Thanks for reading!b