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What Makes a Man Leaves His Wife For Another Woman

What Makes a Man Leaves His Wife For Another Woman

And it starts with noting the following points about what can make a man leave his wife for another woman.

1. Lack of appreciation

Regularly showing gratitude is an acknowledgement of the man’s efforts to make you comfortable. It can increase his satisfaction, commitment and investment in the relationship.

However, when the appreciation factor is missing, your man may begin to feel unnecessary, unappreciated, less respected and disrespected.

This may lead him to seek importance and validation from another woman outside the marriage and may signal the end of your union.

2. Lack of emotional intimacy

As husband and wife, you both need to have a meaningful connection that goes far beyond the physical connection. If your husband feels emotionally distant, then you both may drift apart. This is a major factor that can push your man out of the house to seek warmth, love, laughter and respect in the arms of another woman or (even women)!

3. Lack of sєхuαl intimacy

Having $єx with you creates feelings of attachment, faith, trust, commitment and reassurance that you want him and your marriage together completely.

This can result in him seeking affairs outside your marriage. Even for a few hours, he only has the desire to connect with someone on a sєхuαl level.

4. Your husband is bored with married life

As a newly married couple, you feel excited to get to know and explore each other. However, as the years go by, the flame is extinguished. As you and your husband get busier with life, marriage can become less interesting.

If your husband no longer feels the same way about you, then he can move on. It is your answer