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What Does It Means When He Kiss In Different Parts Of Your Body

What Does It Means When He Kiss In Different Parts Of Your Body

I. Types of kisses and their meaning

1. A kiss on the lips with eyes open

A kiss on the lips with open eyes means that the partner either does not know how to kiss properly or does not trust his partner or the loved one is at this moment in his thoughts somewhere else.

2. Kiss with closed eyes and tongue

If the partners kiss with their eyes closed and with their tongues, it means that they are fully enjoy.

3. Passionate kiss in different places

Through a passionate kiss in different places, a person is able not only to convey the whole range of feelings that are difficult to describe in words, but also to awaken a strong desire.

II. There are many hot techniques, but the following sultry caresses are considered the most common:

1. A strong and active vampire-like kiss

Demonstrates a strong desire to possess the partner. Lovers often “tag” their half in this way.

2. French kiss

A French kiss with a tongue means that the partner cannot enjoy the loved one, passion consumes his mind.

3. A kiss on the jaw

A kiss on the jaw can also be called the playful kiss and usually shared between a couple. It signifies playfulness and can be used to lighten the tension. Therefore, if your partner or spouse is feeling tensed up, you could give him kisses on the jaw to ease his/her tension, you can add a nibble if you like. It will surely make him/her laugh.

3. Kiss on the neck

A kiss on the neck is advised to be saved for one’s partner or for someone you share a deep level of relationship with. It simply means I want you now. The neck is a very sensitive part of the body, especially for a woman. And when a woman is kissed on the neck it makes her very excited..

4. A gentle kiss on the nose, eyes or ear

To demonstrate reverent feelings, men use kisses on the eyes. This is the most sincere gesture. If a man kisses a lady on the eyes, it means that he wants to constantly protect and protect her.

Gentle touches to the girl’s ears indicate the boy’s desire to get closer, including in an intimate sense.

5. A kiss on the temple, shoulder or knee

Most often, men kiss in these places to express support and to demonstrate trust. These kiss mainly used by couples who have been in a relationship for a long time.

Basically, a kiss on shoulder is used to show care, love and affection for a woman. It is also accompanied by a gesture – a light stroking of the hair.

If a man on a date kisses a woman in his knee, it means that he treats her like a father, he is ready to move mountains for her.

6. A kiss on the forehead, the back and the top of the head

If a man kisses a woman’s back, it means that he is in awe of her mind and body.

If a man kisses a woman on the top of the head, such a kiss signals praise and pride. It shows care, love, and dedication.

When a man gently touches a woman’s forehead, this gesture expresses a hidden desire to patronize. Such a kiss also symbolizes care, affection and boundless tenderness.

7. A kiss on the belly or navel

Kisses on the navel and abdomen are an indicator of a man’s unconscious desire to become a father. If the kiss becomes more passionate, then the man’s goal is to reach the “forbidden fruit”.

8. A kiss on the chest

A kiss on the chest means that the man wants not only physical contact with the woman, but also spiritual closeness.

9. A kiss on the cheek

For many, a kiss on the cheek is just a friendly greeting. A kiss on a woman’s cheek signals that a man wants to get to know her better. In a couple, such a gesture shows that the partner values ​​the relationship

10. The touch of the lips to the hand of the lady

If a man kisses the inside or the back of a woman’s hand, it means that he shows his desire to be close and protect her. This tactic is favored by ex-boyfriends who dream of getting their girlfriend back.