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Using All Savings From Piggy Bank, This Little Boy Buys Bike For Gas Station Employee

Vaughn Fish, from Gillitts, South Africa, took to heart what his mother Mandy Fish taught him about kindness. She shared the story on Facebook where her post garnered thousands of shares and likes. “About 2 months ago we met a wonderful man named Tony at the Caltex by the fire station.

Vaughn was very s**k , and within moments the attendant had him laughing and smiling. Since then we regularly visit the station and Vaughn eagerly looks out for his new friend. Tony always takes the time to talk to Vaughn about the various bikes we haul to Giba and back and listens so obligingly to him as he chatters away.”

He even asked his new friend for a small favor and look out for a “reasonably priced bike”. Of course, Vaughn was willing to help him out. Before this enc**nt*r, Vaughn had been collecting “silver coins” from around the house so he could save up for a family holiday.

Even at a young age, he already had a noble mission to provide for others. And by the time he met Tony, his collection was already a bit hefty. He wanted to buy a bike for Tony and his mom couldn’t be even more proud of her son.

A vacation is good, but being a blessing to others is worth so much more than money could buy. “One night he came to me and asked if I really wanted a holiday and upon asking why he said he would rather put his savings towards helping Tony get his bike. And so today, we cr**k*d open the piggy bank and took all the silvers to Game where he bought his friend a bicycle.”

Tony was elated with the gift as they were all smiles in their picture together. People who came across the post were deeply moved by the boy’s kindness, but none of them was more proud than Mandy. “… it will be years until your mom allows you on Facebook but when you do see this post, know that today of all your days on this planet so far my heart is the fullest and most proud of you it’s ever been.

Keep being kind, and generous, with your time and money, and remember bringing joy to others can bring just as much joy to yourself.” To brighten up the already heartwarming encounter, Game Stores, where Vaughn bought the bike, picked up on the story. It only goes to show that kindness can indeed be free and can be beautifully co**agi**s. Being a blessing to others can start even at a young age. All we have to do is encourage it.

Source: totalnews24h