Ungrateful Son Dumps The BMW His Parents Gifted Him Into A River Because He Wanted A Jaguar

When we are young and trapped in our own world, we sometimes forget how much our parents work to meet our needs and make us happy. The parents of this young man did their best to fulfill his birthday wishes, but instead of being grateful, he decided not to notice their efforts.

Akash, a 22-year-old Indian, already owns several of his own SUVs, reports ABC News. He explained very clearly to his parents that he wanted a new Jaguar for his birthday. But when his parents gave him a BMW 3 Series a few months ago, he was not impressed at all. It was reported that Akash thought it was too small for him and his friends.

In order to buy him a brand new car, the parents had even sold one of the cars with which they had to make him happy, but Akash felt that their efforts were lacking.

“Akash asked his father for a Jaguar car, but when his father did not buy a car, he threw away his BMW,” said a local police officer, according to CBS News. “His family had sold the Innova they had received from his in-laws to buy the BMW.”

Angry and “arrogant”, the 22-year-old should have pushed his vehicle into a river. People who witnessed the incident said that Akash was out of the car before sinking deeper into the water. He was driven to a safe place with the help of a few spectators and then found his car with a crane.

“I wanted to give my son a birthday present and we could only afford to give him a BMW when he insisted he get a Jaguar. said the young man’s father, according to Fox News. “We never thought he would do that.”

Akash had even shot a video of the car surrounded by water and sent it to her parents. “When the kid threw the BMW high-end car into the river, the teenager also made a video and aired it on social media,” a police officer told IANS, as reported in News 18.

“The young man was arrogant and insisted that he be given a Jaguar because a BMW is a bit small for him and his friends inside,” said a police officer. “We would do a preliminary investigation, but that seems like a personal matter and we will act according to the law.”

Some reports indicate that the father claimed that his son did not intentionally drive the car into the river. However, in his attempt to avoid an antelope on the road, he lost control of the car and eventually turned to the river.

The people who learned about the incident had many opinions about how the son handled the situation. In his tweet, Joseph Page writes: “Sad, if the 22-year-old is so disappointed, he will be rude for the rest of his life!”

Another user tweeted: “I will not go home for a month if I lost my mother’s Tupperware and you just throw cars ???”

Most people agree that getting a car from their parents is reason enough to be grateful to their parents.


Source: https://daily.lessonslearnedinlife.com