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Unbelievable! Woman gave birth to a triplet but only one is her husband’s biological child

This rare story happened many years ago in China. Although these triplet were born by a mother, their biological father was not the same.

When Mr Zhang heard that his wife gave birth to triplets, he was very happy to be the father of 3 beautiful sons. But he noticed that only the second baby looked like him while the others didn’t have anything like him and his wife especially in their noses. He was suspicious and so he went to the hospital to take a DNA test hoping to quell all his doubts.

The day he received the test results, Mr. Zhang was shocked when he learned the truth. Accordingly, of the three triplets, only the second was his biological child, the other two had different fathers.

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His wife initially kept it a secret despite the results of a DNA test. But in the end, this woman also admitted that because her husband was often away on business trips, she cheated on her husband. She herself couldn’t believe that she gave birth to 3 sons who had 3 different fathers.

To explain this special case, the doctors said that giving birth to 3 but only 1 child of Mr. Zhang is very rare. This is considered fraternal triplets. Studies have shown that a woman can be pregnant with two or three different men at the same time. This is called superfetation. There are many such cases in the world.

In fact, each woman only ovulates once a month, but in some cases, someone will ovulate up to 2-3 times a month. And Zhang’s wife is an example.

Therefore, if this woman has s*x with 3 different men right at the time of ovulation, it will lead to pregnancy at the same time with children who have 3 different biological father.