Twin Boys Rip Open Beanbags To Let Their Dinosaurs Experience Ice Age

Kids say and do the craziest things, but some stories are so over-the-top that they spread like wildfire. In many cases, the creativity of young children leads to some of the more unusual and memorable events. This is the case for two young boys who loved playing with their dinosaur toys and who were not content with letting their dinosaurs roam around in a regular living room.

Twins are often referred to as double problems, which may have influenced the incredulity of their Ice Age story. While these two boys were playing with their dinosaurs on the floor of the living room, one of them had the creative idea of creating an icy environment for the giant reptiles that one can live in a corner of the room.

While their mother was out of the room for only a minute, the two boys tore open a beanbag chair. The “snow” filled the air and settled thickly across most of the living room floor. The boys were ecstatic that they had magically created a snowy environment to play in with their dinosaurs.

When her mother returned a moment later, she was stunned by the terrible confusion she had found. She quickly grabbed her mobile phone to document the scene. The video showed the boy happily telling his mother that it had snowed while sitting in the middle of white things on the living room floor. Her joy was so great that they barely noticed that her mother was scolding her for a mess. We do not know how long the boys’ mother let them play in their winter Wonderland, but it’s clear that they’ve been enjoying it for so long. His mother, however, was tasked with removing the “snow” from the family’s living room.

It was such an impressive show that the mother of the boys decided to share the clip online for others to enjoy. Since then, many people have given this wonderful video to their friends and family so they can laugh at the snowy view.