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Tricky puzzle asks gamers to spot the grizzly bear in the snowy mountain scene… so can YOU find it?

GAMERS are going wild for a new creature-themed challenge.

The pesky Playbuzz puzzle asks users to find the grizzly bear hidden in the snowy mountain scene before it eats the hunter.

So, how quickly can you spot it?

A Hunting We Will Go with Trapper John

Enter Trapper John, the world’s greatest bear killer. The bears around these parts know him, fear and hate him. They have a pact among bears in this neck of the woods, they say “If you ever see Trapper John, eat him!” So while he thinks he is about to bag one very large Grizzly Bear as his newest trophy, the bears have other plans. Let’s see if you can spot the bear before Trapper John meets his maker.

Can You Find The Hidden Bear and Save Trapper John?

A hunter needs to be very aware of his surroundings. Look! I think he’s been spotted! Oh no! Is this the end?

Take a Closer Look at the Scene – Did You Spot the Bear?

This tricky classic illustration has been creating a new sensation around the internet. Deceptively simple, though most people can’t find the cleverly hidden bear. Time is running out for Trapper John and dinner time is fast approaching.


Still Need a Better Look?

If at first you didn’t see where the bear was hidden, you needed to flip the image upside down. Now do you see him? He was disguised as the base of the trees.
See for yourself! Pretty tricky!