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Top subtle signs of chєαting you probably never thought of

An unfaithful spouse will usually try their hardest to cover their tracks, but aside from catching them in the act, there are some other telling signs that could signal that they’re chєαting on you. Here are top subtle signs that you probably never thought of

1. Everything’s suddenly a secret

It might be an indication of infidelity if your partner usually shares everything with you but all of a sudden doesn’t want to talk about their day, or throws up a wall in conversation. Hiding where they’re going, who they’re talking to, and generally being secretive for no apparent reason is among the biggest signs of chєαting .

2. You don’t talk anymore

This can show up as things like texting when they used to call, calling less, letting your calls go to voicemail, or being unavailable to chat. They may also change how they interact with you: yelling often during fights or talking more with friends and less with you. However, it’s worth noting that these behaviours can stem from other reasons like a busy season at work, mental health struggles, or other underlying issues in the relationship.

3. Change in Appearance

Everyone changes their appearance sometimes. Women who have had long hair all their lives may decide to chop it all off when they turn forty. Men who have always worn a thick beard might shave their whiskers off when their beard starts turning grey. There is nothing inherently suspicious about a spouse who decides they want to pay more attention to their health and starts exercising regularly. Likewise, there is nothing strange about a spouse who is tired of their jeans being too tight and starts eating healthier.

You should, however, be able to understand why your spouse is suddenly more interested in their appearance. If she told you that strength training can prevent osteoporosis later in life, it makes sense that she would start lifting weights. If you know he hates buying new jeans, there is nothing surprising about him beginning to eat healthier so he can fit into his old ones. If there is no apparent reason for him to concentrate on his appearance, he may be trying to look nice for his mistress.

4. They’re possessive over their phone

Constant communication with someone else can be a big red flag, especially if it’s not normal for your partner. This can also show up as “hoarding”, where they’ll add or change the password to their phone, take it with them everywhere, or make sure you never see what they’re doing.

5. The routine becomes unpredictable

Schedules can be erratic, but they usually mellow over time. Even if there’s a change in your partner’s schedule, there’ll likely be a good reason for it. So if they start giving you flimsy excuses more often – like traffic jams, flat tires or extra work – they might be up to something that involves infidelity.

6. Their credit card bill is off the charts

You should pay attention when they’re spending more on small purchases like getting coffee from a cafe instead of making it at home. Or going to the extreme and buying an entirely new wardrobe, a fancy car, or expensive jewellery. Raise the red flag if they’re spending a lot more money in places they usually wouldn’t – and they can’t explain why.