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Top character traits men love about women

Top character traits men love about women

Frankly speaking, the majority of the times we get attracted to people because of their looks. However, appearance is not everything. Men find other things attractive in women than their appearance.

Some men find character traits to be more appealing than a woman’s appearance. If you want to know what men find attractive or how to become more attractive, try to include more of these things in yourself. All of them are positive, so besides being helpful for your love life, they can help you be happier with yourself.

1. Supportive

Men carry a lot of dreams and goals to pursue in their lives. If they find a woman who can show interest in their long-term goals and who can be supportive to help achieve these goals, then this trait in a woman is something men are looking for.

2. Competitive

If women can prove to be equal as compared to men and carry a competitive behaviour, then this woman will never let you down when you want to prove something to the world. Thereby competitive trait is what men love in women more than beauty.

3. Intelligent

You will never know what improper decisions can sometimes lead you to. Hence intelligence is one thing that men love in women because they know that you are there to help them in decision-making at critical times and such decisions can never go wrong. Also, an intelligent woman can give more new ideas for a man to innovate and create new things.

4. Humorous

A woman is considered to be the threshold of the family. She should always be fun to be with. If you have good humour, people will always want be around you. This trait is something that men look in women because they want some fun and relaxation at home after a day-long work.

5. Patient And Confident

A woman who can accept the hard times in life with patience can definitely be a very good life-partner. Also, she has the confidence that though you are in bad times at the moment, you will definitely come up again.

6. Open-Minded

A man might have lot of woman colleges working with him, so he prefers an open-minded partner for his life-time who will not doubt his character.

7. Honest

If you can always speak the truth and be honest and authentic, no doubt men will just fall for you.

8. Health-conscious

Being health-conscious is very important to run a family, hence this is one another trait that men want to see in women.