To My Friend’s Kids: I Love You Like You’re Mine




To my friend’s children:

I hope you know how much I love you. You do not belong to me, but I love you as you are. You’re not cursing my niece or my nephew, but you have a choice … and that means you stay with me forever. You are my elect sister’s baby and that means you have a piece of my heart and you will always have one.

I’m your fan, I see you grow like a sold-out bandie on tour. I enjoyed every minute watching the person you become. I love your smile and your laugh. I love it when I see in you look at your mother and also your father. You are so she and you are so much at the same time.

I firmly believe in bonus mothers. My children have your mother and you have me. I hope she loves my children the way she likes him, and she trusts me to do the same. When life becomes difficult or complicated, I am always an SMS or a phone call. ** If you collide with your mother, I do not want to call myself an expert … but I am an expert and she is an expert in me. **

I will take care of you when you arrive in these difficult years. Are you stuck at a driverless party? I’m here. No judgment, no questions … You have to free yourself because life is hard and complicated? I will deliver the coffee. You have to attack my fridge? My fridge is your fridge and my pizza is your pizza. I will always have your back. I think so

You better believe, I’ll shout my eyes to your high school diploma. I am your mother who forgot to put waterproof mascara and that looks like a fight with a black eyeliner. Do not even let me start on your wedding day or when you hold your own baby in your arms. They are going to do great things and I am here for them.

I am so proud of you. No matter what you do or whatever your age, I will always remember your youth and your freshness. I will always remember the day your mother told me she was pregnant. I remember so much joy that I can touch her. I remember your mother watching you as she held you in her arms. She looked at you as if you had hung the moon and she still does. I changed your diapers (sorry), I held you while you took a bottle, and I caught you when you fell and you skinned one knee. I am invested At the time, I was invested, now I am invested and here in the long term.

Your mother is stuck with me and you too.

I love you


Aunt Jess

We are mothers, millions of unique women united by motherhood. We are scary and proud. But scary mothers are more than mothers. We are partners (and ex-partners), girls, sisters, friends … and we need a space to talk about things other than children.