Tips To A Long-Lasting Marriage

Sometimes we have unrealistic expectations about the love of our partners. When we fall in love, we see happiness as the most important part of a relationship. However, once you have the first disagreement, you will see another page of your partner with which you may disagree. Difficulties in resolving arguments can seriously affect your relationship or marriage. So, if you want to make your marriage permanent, you have to remember these 23 tips.

1. Prioritize your wedding
Your marriage should come first, followed by your children and your job. If you do things in that order, your children will work better and you will be much more productive at work.

2. be tolerant and accept
You should never have expectations from your partner. Just let them be themselves and accept who they are.

3. Dream deeper not bigger
This means that you should think more about how you spend your time instead of your money. So, try to use every minute of your day.

4. Check in every day
Ask your partner every day after the day. Instead of just asking what’s needed for dinner, this simple question can go a long way.

5. Keep communication channels open
Communication is extremely important in every marriage because it strengthens the bonds. For this aspect, it is important to have good listening skills and know how to express your feelings.

6. Learn to argue
Quarrels are an inevitable part of a lasting and healthy marriage. It is a way to be more satisfied with your marriage, be it intellectual, emotional, spiritual or sexual. However, this only includes constructive arguments. If you or your spouse are too excited or nervous, step back and try to start a conversation at a more convenient time.

7. Have fun together
Your wedding should also be an adventure. So be sure to do things that you like and love.

8. Reduce your expectations
Expect basic needs to be met and avoid unrealistic expectations as these are usually the reasons for divorce.

9. Do something that makes you happy every day
You are the person responsible for your own happiness and you can not expect from your partner miracles that will make you happy. Try to do something that makes you happy every day and your marriage will be much better.

10. Concentrate on the qualities of your partner
A successful marriage does not mean being married to a perfect person. In fact, it is a marriage in which both partners can look beyond their imperfection.

11. Have a good time with them
Time is the most precious thing you can give to someone. So, if you have a good time with your partner, your marriage will be considerably strengthened.

12. Pay attention and create a deep spiritual connection
Nowadays, because of work and responsibilities, it is so difficult to take care of our loved ones, but it is very important that you listen to your partner. Marriage also requires spiritual intimacy.

13. Do not forget the little things
Random gestures of love, like a cup of coffee, a small note or a phone call, just to say hello, can do a lot to make your partner know how much you love him.

14. Accept your spouse and never try to change him
In a successful marriage, both partners should try to be the best partner rather than change. So accept your partner as he is and never try to change it.

15. forgive them
A good marriage is a link between two imperfect people who know how precious grace and forgiveness are for a healthy marriage.

16. Take care of yourself
You can not take care of anyone unless you take care of yourself first. Try to relax and do things that will make you happy, because when you are happy, you will be energized to share it with your partner.

17. learn new things regularly
A healthy marriage will change and grow over time, so you can also learn new ways to express your love. If you regularly do new things, your marriage can grow and become much stronger.

18. live in the present
If you focus on the present and the really important things, you will not be distracted and you will be physically and mentally there for your partner.

19. Celebrate and honor it
Show your partner how much you appreciate him by letting him know that your marriage should last a lifetime.
20. Make physical contact a part of your everyday life
This does not include sexual intimacy only. A simple hug, kiss or touch on the shoulder can be just as effective. Physical contact has lots of beneficial effects on your bodies and your connection too.

21. Find ways to support, comfort and take care for them
Being supportive during easy times is not that difficult, but it is a lot harder during challenging times. So, showing support when things are not going as planned is what strengthens a relationship or a marriage. Let your partner know that you are here to protect, support and take care for them.

21. Be grateful for the things they do for you
Show your partner that you appreciate everything they do for you if you want them to feel respected.

23. Respect their alone time
Lots of couples make the mistake of spending too much time together and not having their “me” time. Every person is unique with different interests and hobbies, so it is not bad at all to spend some time apart from your partner in order to do something you enjoy.