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Those Who Show You

Don’t believe those who tell you they love you, believe those who show you they do.


Don’t believe those who tell you they love you believe those that show itUnknow

Love without action is dead.

Words mean little, actions mean everything.

Those who pretend to love you, fail proving it. Those who really love you, never need to prove it.

Don’t waste time on those who say they love you, yet only want to spend their weekends & vacation with their friends. ~ Chen Jolene

Some people show so much and feel unappreciated or not valued of their efforts in the end it will be words because love itself is courage. When the individual has loss all courage what’s left? Is hope in waiting just to love with no expectations. When you entirely truly comprehend the meaning of true love. Needs and wants are separate components. They are expectations to the exact. Love has no expectations. Love nurtures and understands. Love is all of those heartfelt values combined. Yet love is patient. Endearingly. When you love you can feel it in your heart. Love within itself isn’t easy to express. Once again different people have ways to express differently. How you acknowledge it to know for yourself is another factor. ~ Jenny Pham