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This ‘super simple’ puzzle is sending people into a frenzy… so can YOU solve it?

THIS “super simple” maths puzzle has everyone scratching their heads – so can YOU solve it?

The riddle, which was shared on Mumsnet on Sunday, asks how much profit a man made when buying and selling his horse – but does he just break even?

Can you solve this ‘super simple’ riddle – or do you reckon it’s harder than it looks?


Here’s the riddle…

  • A man buys a horse for $60.
  • He sells the horse for $70.
  • He then buys the horse back for $80.
  • And sells the horse again for $90.

In the end, how much money did he make or lose?

Or did he break even?

PeerieBreeks, who shared the puzzle, wrote: “Can’t understand how so many people on Facebook have it so completely wrong (and can justify it to themselves).”

So do you agree it’s easy?

The post has more than 460 comments – and no one can agree on the answer.

Some people reckon the man made $10, $20, $30 or nothing at all – so what do YOU think?

It’s leaving everyone on Facebook and Mumsnet baffled

If you’re still confused, we’ll put you out of your misery! The answer is $20.

The man makes $10 on each transaction, so he makes $20 in total, despite buying the horse back for $10 more than he sold it for.

While another mum wrote: “Just done it on a calculator and will change my answer to say he’s up $20. My maths is awful!!”