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This Mom Shared How Her Husband Gets “Daddy Privilege,” And It’s A Sad, Sickening Reality Of Parenting

This mom shared how her husband got his ‘daddy privilege’ and it’s a sad, disgusting fact of parenting

Chloe Sexton owns a bakery in Memphis, Tennessee called BluffCakes. She is also the mother of a 6-month-old baby named Theodore and the mother of a 7-year-old named Mason.

So Chloe knows all too well the challenges that come with being a mother and running a business at the same time. However, after the recent experience she had when her husband helped her with part of her daily chores, she was inspired to call what she calls “daddy privilege”:

“Daddy privilege” is a term used when men experience praise for doing the normal duties that are expected of parents.

She said in her TikTok:

@chloebluffcakesIt’s the daddy hero treatment for me 🙃♬ original sound – Chloe

“I’ve got a fun little story about ‘daddy privilege.’ You all know if you’ve been following me for a while that I’m a business owner. My husband has a job. I have a business, my husband has a job. Could not make that any clearer, right? Well, my bakery requires that we buy certain wholesale ingredients at this place called Restaurant Depot every week. You’ve seen me do videos of it before where I’m, like, wearing him (Theodore) or was massively pregnant buying 400 pounds of flour and 100 pounds of butter, and that’s a weekly thing. The list goes on and on, like — it’s a lot.

So, last week, on the day I usually do it, my husband had the day off and he decided to go do it for me, but he also had the baby that day. When I tell you, the way that this man was treated like a hero — A HERO. Mind you, those same people see me there every single week. I was recognized by one of the cashiers. She’s like, ‘Hey, do you have a TikTok?’ ‘Yeah, yeah I do…’

I’m strapped up with a baby or seven months pregnant, hauling 100-pound bags at a time of flour in the back of my Subaru. Meanwhile, I’m getting a whole lotta…NOTHING TO SEE HERE. Just a woman doing woman things, busting her ass. But my husband, my husband wears the baby and he goes to Restaurant Depot for mommy’s business and it’s, ‘Oh my god, look at you! Oh my god, you work so hard.’ He [my husband] said, ‘Honestly, it was a little bit embarrassing.’ Somebody walked past him and said, ‘Oh my god, that’s a whole-ass baby!’ Yeah, it’s his… He’s literally not a hero. He’s just a father, just a parent, doing the same shit I do every week”

Immediately after the story was shared, thousands of comments voiced their agreement with her.

And there was story after story of moms sharing their firsthand experiences witnessing daddy privilege.

“I mean, it kind of applies to men in general. I get told all the time that I’m LUCKY to have a husband who cooks and cleans. I mean, he lives there too so I’d hope he’d clean up after himself like a grown man. And the cooking? We ‘spose to starve because wifey worked late? This whole culture has hurt both men and women.”

“We went on a flight recently (my husband, our year and a half old daughter, and I). I am around 6 months pregnant as well, so my husband held our daughter on the flight a little more than I did because of my big belly. I literally had strangers come up to me talking about how lucky I am to have such an amazing father to my daughter. Just because he was holding our daughter. We were both taking care of her and trying to entertain her because it was an airplane. But because she was sitting in his lap, I had people coming up to me telling me I should feel so lucky and count my blessings. Now don’t get me wrong, my husband is an absolutely fantastic father, but he never gets told how lucky he is that I’m such a good mother to his kids when I’m the one holding our daughter on an airplane or literally doing any of the thousands of different parenting duties I do every day. But he gets praised all the time for the smallest things.”

“You both made a kid, your responsibility is to raise them, not figuring out who should get more praise for raising your own child. Should have gotten a Tamagotchi.”

Other said: “The only reason I lay it on thick with compliments to dads in public, is because I am hoping this will get them help their partners, more often. I always thought I was helping.”


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